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About us

Kusile Labs & Technology (KLT) is a dynamic manufacturing company that delivers unique, affordable mobile science laboratories to under-serviced and out of reach schools. It also offers various information technology equipment for e-learning. It is 100% black owned with a 65% women ownership from a previously disadvantaged background. KLT is a 100% South African company founded in 2002 with a level 3 B-BBEE rating.

Our values

KLT is built on a dedicated team of committed individuals whose cumulative experience span 70 years. We guarantee unparalleled customer service and excellence in execution entrenched in integrity, professionalism, accountability and care.

Our mission

Kusile Labs & Technology’s mission is to build and educated African nations, empowering the continent through the provision of quality school mobile science laboratories and interactive white-board technology for sustainable STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) education. We envisage having an African blueprint school mobile laboratory technology and innovation, and an African solution for STEM education in the Mother Continent. Kusile Labs & Technology manufactures the School Mobile Science Laboratories and imports into South Africa the interactive white-board systems from abroad.

Our vision

To reach 5 million learners in South Africa and more than 15 million in Africa
  • To improve the communities and the standard of living as the economy grows through a skilled labour force
  • To provide access to enhanced science education
  • To achieve sustainable skills development levels in the STEM fields 
  • To reach more than 20 million learners in Africa in the next 10 years 
  • To ultimately establish KLT as a household brand both locally and internationally

Our Value Proposition

We promote STEM training in all remote schools and endorse merit in natural science and chemistry. Our mobile science laboratories:
  • Address a socio-economic need
  • Are 96% less than the price of building a normal science laboratory
  • Are affordable to rural and urban schools with limited utilities
  • Are fully equipped with all apparatus required by the schools’ curricula
  • Capacitate maths and science students and develops careers
  • Augments teachers’ training
  • Broadens the tertiary education pipeline for STEM qualifications
  • Develops careers
  • Invests in young minds
Kusile Labs & Technology recently developed a School Mobile Science Lab, as a safe, low cost alternative to the standard science laboratory in schools.

Experimental learning environments are more effective than traditional learning media such as text books, since they engage multiple senses simultaneously. This is proven to stimulate learners, whilst making learning content more memorable.

Our track record speaks volumes about the experience we have in science education equipment supply and installation as well as the supply and installation of IT equipment in schools.

Aim: We aim to reach more than 5 million learners in South Africa and the SADC region in 10 years' time through supplying mobile science and computer laboratories in schools.

The involvement of governments and corporate companies through their corporate social investments budgets for education purposes will alleviate the lack of STEM skills.

The ICT equipment we supply to schools include the interactive white-boards, computers, data projectors and other innovative tools that allow learners and teachers to interact through hand-held devices.

Our Brochure

Our Brochure

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