We provide three types of laboratories to schools, with the collaboration and help of our donor partners.

The Mobile Labs

There are two types, the StarLab Lab which is more popular because of its aesthetic design that that is can accommodate up to sixteen learners at a time. The StarLab Light is a watered down version of the StarLab and though is has all the features of its superior version, it can only accommodate up-to eight learners at a time.

It can be best used as Teacher Demonstration Table based on the feedback we get from many schools. These mobile labs can be wheeled from one classroom to another and are ideal for schools that do not have extra classrooms for a conventional lab or funds for building one.

The Container and Prefab Labs

These are the premium labs for schools that have portions of land available but not enough to construct a building to house a science lab. We help these schools by either erecting a prefab structure or weld two 12 foot containers into a container conversion laboratory. The advantage for both is less time it takes to set up and the cost are fundamentally lower than constructing a classroom with brick and mortar.

The container and prefab labs can be used a either conventional science labs, computer labs or libraries. Some schools use them as additional classrooms as they are custom made to accommodate any number of learners

Our Partners and Donors

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