We love what we do and we would love to do it with you – our customer. We build mobile laboratories for schools that cannot afford conventional labs and ask sponsors to help fund them. We have three types that appeal to schooling set ups.

The mobile lab is on caster wheels and moves from one classroom to another is an ideal tool for science learners in a rural, township or urban school without much room for a conventional lab.

A container and prefab labs are for those schools that have small portions of land that cannot accommodate a normal classroom, and we use the limited land to erect a structure, either container or prefab to install a furnished laboratory.

All this we do with the assistance of our partners who see value in education, particularly in STEM education. We are looking to forge as many partnerships as possible with corporate firms to reach as many struggling schools as possible. Any support that will help one more child have access to a science, computer or library lab is welcome. Thank you.