Computer Laboratories

KLT provides a comprehensive computer laboratory system which incorporates the new technology used in education in the developed world. Our ICT system seeks to contribute towards universal access to education through innovative approach that makes the system much affordable even to poor rural schools with little budgets for ICT’s.

KLT approach seeks to achieve equity in education through the delivery of quality learning and teaching equipment, necessitate the teachers’ professional development and efficient education and tuition management. Teachers are thus able to plan their lessons in advance, save them of memory or disks and present them to learners through Power
Point presentations that can be saved, distributed to learners and are available for revisions.

Kusile Labs & Technology takes a holistic and comprehensive approach to promoting ICT in education through an affordable yet a comprehensive product package that includes the provision of the steel makeshift housing for the computer lab of either 18 or 36


learners depending on the school’s needs. The makeshift housing is a permanent structure that is secure and suitable to both rural and urban schools. It is designed with maximum security features to deter would-be-hooligans from gaining access to the lab and make away with the installed ICT equipment.

The computer labs are installed with a huge 82” interactive touch-sensitive screen that is connected to a teacher’s computer to project images to the screen. A school with a flexible budget can also purchase the e-class software that allows the teacher’s computer to communicate with each individual learner through their computer. Though this may be a luxury, it is necessary as it allows the teacher to check and monitor each learner’s  progress individually.

The computer lab is installed with a data projector, 18 or 36 computer workstations with a computer each, a colour printer, audio speakers and an air-conditioned steel house measuring 12m by 2.4m, for an 18 seater or 12m by 4.8m for an 36 seater . The huge advantage is saving is complemented by the turn-around delivery times. This computer lab is constructed on school site and is fully functional within two weeks. The e-class technology connects each individual computer to the big screen and the teacher’s computer through a Wi-Fi sensor that does not need an internet connection.

What would otherwise cost not less than R10 million, that is, to build the classroom and install it with a fully functional computer laboratory, Kusile Labs &Technology’s innovative approach has made it possible for a school to get such for less than a million rands.