Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboards in Education

An interactive board enables the user to connect with the rest of the world through internet connection. Kusile Labs & Technology provides a complete set that includes the projector, which projects the images to the white touchscreen board from the computer, the whiteboard and the computer. Depending on the distance from our Head Office in Durban, transportation costs may be charged.

The use of Kusile Labs & Technology’s interactive whiteboard allows the educator to demonstrate the lesson to the learners while standing in front and the learners are able to follow the lesson on their personal computers. This is ideal for lessons in a computer lab and for those subjects where programs can be used for teaching.

Subjects such as Biology as seen from the above picture can be taught from a computer lab. Kusile Labs & Technology will provide a school with the learning programs for such subjects. Schooling has evolved such that in many parts of the developed world, teaching is taking place through internet; t

hat means learners are able to learn while at home or any place where they can access internet. South Africa, though far behind in such technology, should be investigating how such technology can enhance the education system in the country.

Interactive Whiteboards in Education

In the First World countries, talking about education is tantamount to talking about one-to-one computing, ubiquitous learning and students in control of their own learning, and personal computing devices, such as laptops or PDAs. But what does this mean for shared display technologies such as the interactive whiteboard? Will the advent on 1:1 classrooms mean teachers have less need for them?

With over 3 million interactive whiteboards in use in classrooms worldwide, and with numerous studies demonstrating their value to teachers and learners, there is an important place for them in education today, especially in South Africa where technology and ICT skills are in critical scarcity. But what exactly is that place in 1:1 setting? At the very least, the implementation of 1:1 learning environments should lead us to a thoughtful review of interactive whiteboards within this new context. Interactive whiteboards play a critical role in 1:1 classrooms, particularly in the way they support differentiated or personalised learning.