Mobile Laboratories – The StarLab

The StarLab

The StarLab is an authentic experiential learning unit that provides an invaluable opportunity for learners to prepare them for the future. It gives students the opportunity to learn real-life skills by putting ideas into practice with hands-on learning

The StarLab has a rectangular, cabinet-like structure, housing various chemicals, apparatus and supplies needed to conduct experiments.  Each side of the StarLab has a hinged, work surface that can be folded down, in a vertical position for storage or folded upwards in a horizontal position when in use.   When open, the 4 work stations can accommodate up to 16 learners.

The StarLab is on lockable caster wheels that enable movement of the lab between classrooms.  It has also been designed to be lightweight so that it can easily be transported to schools in need.


The SuperLab

This is an alternative version of the StarLab. It has all the features except that it does not have the four flaps. The SuperLab is more ideal for teacher demonstration.

Advantages to Learners:

  • Cost effective Science Laboratory to learners
  • Immediate delivery of a lab to learners at less costs
  • Promotion of science learning in schools
  • Improvement of skills development in the scientific and engineering fields in the economy
  • More learners will enrol for Physical and Chemistry subjects from lower grades
  • Improved pass rate in the Physical and Chemistry subjects
  • Minimising the number of learners who have to do bridging courses for university entry

Each StarLab/SuperLab comes equipped with the following:

  • A sink
  • A clean water tank
  • A waste water tank
  • A pressured faucet with a 12V immersion pump
  • A gas burner connected
  • A 3kg gas cylinder (located within an enclosed compartment)
  • A stopwatch, ammeter, voltmeter and digital scale
  • A fire extinguisher
  • A training manual detailing how to use the StarLab
  • Curricular based experiments worksheets/manuals